I find it hard not to write poems about people.
To pick roses over beating hearts or half-smiles
on the underground. My little sister sleep-talks
and sometimes it’s sweeter than birdsong. The coin you
toss to the busker catches the light better than
any ocean, even on those bright summer days.
The hunch of the old man’s back thrills me more than the
sinking, rising hills.

I find it hard to write poems about an
uninterrupted view – empty skies and desert
stretches – when there’s a girl who shaves her head then uses
hairbands to hold her notebooks shut. When there’s a boy
with six fingers on one hand who, when anyone
teases him, says that for every ten they have, he
has eleven. Says that wanking with his left hand
feels fucking awesome. When there’s a person in between
who avoids cracks in pavements but walks under ladders
because it’s not always important to decide
on anything apart from not to decide on

I find it hard writing about buildings when there
are bodies inside, or about bodies when there
are breaths inscribed on every mind without us even
realising. When was the last time you reminded
yourself to breathe? Was it when you saw the sun, rising
over the trees? For me, it was the day you scraped
your knee, or some other mundane thing. The day I
realised I couldn’t walk down a crowded street
without hearing poetry, but could stand atop
a mountain, feeling full to the brim, without my
fingers twitching or my ears hearing anything.

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I wrote this for creative writing – sort of inspired by ‘The Lark Ascending’

you take my hand like you’ve
got strings instead of fingers and
my palms are made of rosin.

I take your hand like I would
hold a violin bow and
your knuckles beg to be played.

Baby, I know there are days
when your chest is a concert hall
and all I’ve gotta do is hear the

performance of your heart
but before I get there let me start
lower, because sometimes

all the answers in the world hide
in the hidden parts of you
like the ones finely tuned

to the staccato step of your shoes.
Or let me start higher because
an orchestral heart means

a mind behind the eyes that must
sit in the gods.

a mix of words that make your heart do that squeezy thing in your chest cos they're just so damn happy, and words that make you wanna slam your hands on the table cos hell yeah

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I forgot to say anything but ngl I’m kinda proud of myself so I will now – I took part in my first ever poetry slam last Thursday and came second! It was run by Farrago Poetry, and it was a lot less scary/a lot more fun than I thought it’d be. The winner was Sara Hirsch (p sure she has a wordpress but idk the url…) and she’s really brill and yeah :)) it was a great night *bounces*

if I became a collector the only thing
I’d be interested in putting in
gaps on shelves 
would be the tiny places your thoughts delve 
into, the tiny spaces where I can’t reach you
and sometimes I get sad my glass jars 
aren’t big enough for your butterfly heart
and even sadder when I realise how easy I am to pick apart
while you’re so together, forever, I never 
knew there could be people like us two who
half live in dark rooms 
and half explode in daylight, you’re the body of a kite 
I can’t reel in and keep
and I’m the string always slipping through your fingers,
you’re the half smile that lingers 
in my mind, you’re the missing pieces I can’t find
because the fuse blew and the lights died
and I know I could never collect you if I tried